May 11, 2018

Our Berries

Our Canadian grown berries are inspected regularly in order to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality berries possible.

In early spring the blueberry bushes are pruned, in order to prevent over-fruiting, which can result in small berries. In addition, the area surrounding the bushes is cleared in order to give the bushes the space they need to grow and produce beautiful berries. Then, in late spring, the first application of fertilizer is carefully applied.

Once flowering begins local beekeepers are contacted to supply colonies of bees to assist the pollination process. Pollination is vital to ensuring that our bushes produce enough berries to supply all of our customers throughout the summer months. These bees are very important given the small window for pollination. If the flowers are not pollinated within two to three days of the flowers opening, chances of the flowers developing into fruit decreases substantially. While the bees work their magic our irrigation system continues to ensure the bushes remain well hydrated.

Thanks to our hardworking team, who looks after our fields each and every year, we are able to supply our customers with the high quality, hand-picked berries that they see when they come to visit. The berries you can expect to see include the varieties listed below.


This early-season blueberry is crisp, medium to large in size, and has a delicious tart taste. Given its firm texture, this is a great berry to take on your travels, whether you wish to indulge during your journey or share when you reach your destination. If you prefer to stay home, Duke’s tart flavor is a wonderful addition to any recipe.


This mid-season berry is sweet, medium to large in size, and bright blue in colour. These berries are so beautiful that we lovingly refer to them as our “big blues.” If you love our Bluecrop’s sweet taste, as much as many of our customers do, you may want to take an extra flat or two so you have something left to share when you get home.