May 11, 2018

Our Story

Our love for farming runs deep, originally taking its roots in ancestral family run fields in Punjab, India.  From our humble beginnings in Surrey, B.C. just over 20 years ago, this family run business has flourished as a result of local support.

When it originally opened, Rai’s Colebrook farming’s stand consisted of a table, a few collapsible chairs, and eager young volunteers.  Since then the family has worked hard to tend to the berries by going so far as to customize machinery, install an irrigation system and promote pollination by enlisting the assistance of bee keepers.  As a result of these measures, our blueberry bushes have matured to produce a hearty harvest each year.  If you visit us, you will even catch a glimpse of our custom built grading machine that helps remove debris and ensures customers receive the highest quality berries possible.

Over the years we have been lucky to have the support of our wonderful customers who return each year to enjoy nature’s candy.  We look forward to seeing our returning customers, and hope to see many new faces as well.

Our Staff

Rai’s Colebrook farming is owned and operated by the Rai Family.  Each year skilled pickers come to help us ensure that only our mature berries get picked, leaving the unripe berries for subsequent picks.  Many of our pickers return year after year allowing us to provide consistent high quality hand picked blueberries for you and your family to enjoy.